The DWA has received official Guidance from the Home Office regarding non UK proofed (the certification process by London or Birmingham Proof houses of deactivated weapons)

Basically only deactivated weapons which have a UK Proof house certificate will be regarded as being safe from prosecution for possession. If it is anything other than a Birmingham or London proof House inspected, stamped and certificated gun, then it is not guaranteed safe from prosecution, now or at any time in the future. Also, most dealers and serious collectors will not buy it back or exchange it. If there is a change in the law, then you could lose it if it is not Birmingham or London proof House stamped and certificated. Also of note is that only the Birmingham or London proof Houses can issue deactivation certificates of any kind. Anything else is not legal. Period.

You can read the Home Office guidance in here

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BELTRING 2007-mud city!!


War and Peace show staff 2007

Well this year was interesting, still a good show as always, but the rain made ground conditions appalling, didn't stop the hardy souls who attended from going round the stalls though! One chap even brought a snow mobile into the stall area!

This is a picture of this years crew on the stall, same faces as always and a pleasure to have them with us.

From left to right: Ian Durrant, Mandy Durrant (owners), Kevin 'Gerbil' Brackston, Tony Brassington and Jason Ross, all still smiling, but note the ground and the wellies!


competition winner 2006

Mr Lee Higgins was the winner of the War & Peace radio competition at the show, prizes donated by the Gunner are handed to Mr Higgins (right) By Director Ian Durrant(although you wouldn't guess it from his appearance, but it was hot!)

The show was huge as usual, Ian got to play with a couple of 75mm Pack How's courtesy of Neil King on the Monday, the rest of the week was spent trying to survive the heat and keeping up the fluid intake, beer down, fruit juice up!! Didn't stop the team having a few beers in the cooler evenings outside the stall though!! But the heat was exhausting and meant that early nights becme the norm.

Having heard various worrying rumours it is now beginning to sound like the show will be secure for next year and beyond, here's hoping!

The only downsides appeared to be the proliferation of complaints about the irresponsible use of children's pellet guns and Quad bikes which was potentially dangerous and at the very least irritating. We were selling BB's but had an age 18 rule and were advising parents that they were prohibited from using the gun on site.