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The 1940;s Chronicle is an excellent initaitve by the RAF Benevolent fund and is well worht supporting see: company specialises in providing hands on experience of weapons, clothing and equipment fromthe Neolithic age to the Second World War, some time span!

Historic UK - The History and Heritage Accommodation Guide

A Historical Look at Firearms of the American Civil War

A new book has come out about life during National Service, by an ex serviceman, the web site is at

The War & Peace Revival at Folkestone Racecourse,- The geatest gathering of military vehicles on the planet

World War 1 & 2 pictures from original photo albums on CD at

Medals and Militaria at

The East of England Military Museum has their site at Based on an Ex WD camp that was used to train the first 75 WW1 tank drivers and then during WW2 for the manufacture of Mustard gas and the filling of gas shells, this museum is growing fast.

http://www.armea.comArmy collections and memorabilia

What Price Glory Specialized in WW1 and WW2 Reproductions.

Title – The Militarium: British militaria, medal and genealogy resources

Norfolk Tank MuseumWebsite of military vehicles and equipment collection which displays at various events and rally’s in the East of England.

The National Rifle Association has sites at and

An excellent British WW2 Home front site can be found at

Longmans books have an excellent site at which provides a full range of their books. - The online home for WW2 re-enactors in the UK

WW2 Re -Enactors North East.We are an "official group" of about 60 re-enactors & individuals united by a common interest in the 1940s era. We are bound by membership, rules & regulations, but choose to gather together to socialise and educate members of the public.


Site and forum for collectors of deactivated

Titanium Plate -Titanium Plate and Titanium Sheet in a wide variety of grades and specifications.

HM Forces Insurance - JBI provide specifically designed insurance products to suit members of HM Armed Forces.

A superb, poignant site about the holocaust, complete with camp site maps and linked photos can be found at http://www.remember.orgWe found it to be a moving site which revealed many unknown facts including the revelation that British and American service personnel were killed in a horrific manner at Mauthausen

A nice military family history site at

Military Art by Synergeez Military Art by Synergeez provides a unique touch of framed military art for your home or as a gift for someone special. With over 1,700 images, their military art galleries include assorted US ships, battleships, aircraft carriers, and various US aircraft; including fighters and bombers.
The Smiry Webdirectory

Geoff White Postcards Ltd produce an excellent range of postcards portraying uniforms of the British Army, trade terms available. See - browse Keyword Map of the Internet

Panzers Of The Reich
Information on the German Panzer Tanks Of WWII development history, combat service, technical data and photos.

Military Challenge Coins and DisplaysThe web’s military resource for collectibles, displays, and challenge coin information. A site providing details on German weapons. Museum quality reproduction military weapons stocks, US based.

War Resources - war related news, books and web resources. Aerial Reconnaissance Archives Print Shop. We are offering a selection from the many millions of images held by TARA. Profits from the sales of prints and posters will help with the preservation of the archive. World War 2 Aerial Reconnaissance Imagery Of Europe World War 2 propaganda posters. Maurice Collin’s poster collection that is presently on display at Bletchley Park. It features a fascinating selection of predominantly British World War 2 propaganda posters. Profits from the sale of these prints and posters go towards the Kith and Kids charity ( of which Maurice was co-founder.

A great WW1 site can be found at

The web site of the Die Hard company who portray the 1st battalion The Middlesex Regt., can be found at This group is exceptionally accurate in their portrayal of the Victorian soldier both at home and overseas. See 'Churchy's own'* soon! (*in joke!)

An excellent quick loading photo driven site dedicated to fortresses and defence works can be found at

WW2 RationsA Maker of instruction kits for making edible U.S. Army C, D and K Rations can be found at

Newsletter for collectors of militaria Military Collector's Exchange--a free newsletter

New site by the publsher of 'Betty's Wartime Diary 1939 - 1945' The story of day to day lifein East Anglia during WW2

Looking for photo's and reference pictures? Have a look at #1 Provider in military postcards and documents of all wars, armies and battles.

Bletchley Parks reenactment groups A site about the people and groups based at 'Station 'X', Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, where the British really did break the enigma codes. If you haven;t been, a visit is highly recommended.

The Army Ogilby trust has a superb site listing all the regimental museums at A super site for anyone searching for collectable items Armortek Specialists in the provision of 1/6th scale vehicles, figures and accessories for the Modeller and War Game Enthusiast.

A British Soldier Remembers includes the personal experiences and war-stories of my father who served with the 56 Recce Reg't, 78th Battleaxe Div., 8th Army in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Austria. It also includes a rather extensive section on the 56 Recce; history, O.C.A. information, equipment, vehicles, weapons etc...

A US site providing useful photos and othe rinformation on history can be found at
A fascinating site about Britains underground factories and depots can be found at

Two fascinating sites about Plymouth's WW2 air raid shelters can be found at and The Author has produced a large number offascinating sites, a list of which canbe found at

A useful site on WW2 radio (mainly Australian, but a range of others as well) can be found at
UK Military Museums directory at

A useful site for tracking down militaria dealers etc can be found at

A site dedicated to the modern British forces, looks excellent at

7th Battalion Black Watch 1939-45 Re-Enactors Home Page. (Page 1)

The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry pages This site is quite extensive, compiled by Bill Chambers the site not only provides a background on this re-enactment unit, but also adverts, photos, classifieds etc, if you haven't been there....GO!

Re-enactors pages these are simply devoted to re-enactment units of all kinds and how to get in touch with them

The British ArmyA very nicely produced set of pages on the modern British Army, including some tactical exercises to make you think!

The Canadian War MuseumBasically pages all about the museum

The IWm site at extremely informative.

Robert Lindsays WW1 diary, very interesting read

The Somme heritage centre >Based in Ireland, this site gives an overview of the museum and some nice archive pictures. Information is plentiful but geared particularly towards the Ulster division.

Holts Battlefield ToursSixty-three different, well organised tours into military history, led and informed by guides and guest speakers with distinguished military and academic credentials.

The WW1 document Archive I haven't been here yet, but looks interesting.

The Western Front Association looks as though this could be interesting.

Trenches on the Web Brilliant site, well laid out and updated regularly

Site for the Chatham Fort Home Guard unit is an international listing of dealers in militaria and military reproduction items.

Mostly WW2. An excellent listing of books on WW2 for the historian and collector

Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and CommonwealthThis is a 'must be visited' site, probably the best I have seen yet, tons of info and links to more sites than I have had time to check out, definitly 11/10!

Military classifieds ad's section

The A BombSite containing info on the A bomb of WW2, if that's your cup of preference

The WW2 JeepInteresting developing site on the WW2 Jeep. Maybe I ought to start a page for the WW2 Bedford!

Chads Militaria for sale pageSome interesting bits here, like an Airborne bike!

Interesting home site about Canadian uniform, armlets etc

Southern Medals web site, a well known and respected UK Medal dealer

Site covering the Canadian forces, details books and research

Private collectors site including items for sale

The Living History Register

Shornmead Fort, Essex, information site

There is a whole new section on the Somerset Light Infantry,

Militaria Online a Collectors Guide.

ArnhemVCA developing site about the Arnhem VC's, gives a rundown on all the VC's and associated actions and activities

Site about the Irish Guards

Web site of WWII Wireless equipment

I am always interested in new sites, or just ones that I haven't heard of yet, also please let me know if any of these links don't work.