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Conquest of Empire
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    COVID 19

We have taken the decision to close our 'Bricks and mortar' shop with immediate effect until December 2nd or as otherwise advised by the Goverment. We will continue to process web shop sales, and telephone orders. We can also deliver locally (small charge may apply) and allow collections with payment made at collection. In both cases safe Socially Distanced procedures will be the norm; we will require customers to sanitise hands and wear a face covering as will the delivery person. Stay safe and we hope to see you soon

The following information is inoperative during the current lockdown

COVID 19 We will be re-opening the shop with access limited to two persons at a time on 3rd November. Our normal shop hours are now Monday & Wednesday 1pm to 5pm, Friday 1pm to 4pm. We will continue to deliver locally to persons continuing to self isolate (Small charge may apply dependant upon distance) on most Tuesdays and Thursdays and are still allowing collection only. Please phone before travelling to make sure we will be in attendance on the day you wish to visit. We are also accepting 'out of hours' appointments for those who still feel unsure about entering shops. We have implemented the Government guidance plus additional measures and require the following as a condition of entry:

  • You must wear a mask/face covering
  • You must sanitise your hands on entry and when at the counter
  • No more than 2 persons in shop at any time
  • Maintain social distancing

The virus is reducing-lets keep it that way.

The militaria section of the shop is off limits, although we will fetch specific items for you

Stay well, we look forward to seeing you at 'the cessation of hostilities', lets face it, we're all 'in it for the duration'

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