Home Office Guidance on Deactived Weapons

The DWA has received official Guidance from the Home Office regarding non UK proofed (the certification process by London or Birmingham Proof houses of deactivated weapons)

Basically only deactivated weapons which have a UK Proof house certificate will be regarded as being safe from prosecution for possession. If it is anything other than a Birmingham or London proof House inspected, stamped and certificated gun, then it is not guaranteed safe from prosecution, now or at any time in the future. Also, most dealers and serious collectors will not buy it back or exchange it. If there is a change in the law, then you could lose it if it is not Birmingham or London proof House stamped and certificated. Also of note is that only the Birmingham or London proof Houses can issue deactivation certificates of any kind. Anything else is not legal. Period.

If you have a non UK deactivated weapon or one that has been 'self certificated' by someone in the UK and wish to be sure it is legal by getting it deactivated to UK standards and passed by a UK Proof House, please contact us. Equally if there is a deactivatd weapon outside the UK that you would like to purchase please feel free to discuss with us as we can obtain the necessary import permit (yes they do require one) and once received carry out the work to ensure it will pass the proof house inspection and issue of a certificate and mark by them.

You can read the Home Office guidance here