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Vickers No8 Belt Box WW1/WW2

Vickers No8 Belt Box WW1/WW2

Vickers No8 Belt Box WW1/WW2

The No8 Belt box was officially introduced in the list of changes in 1917 but (as was often the case with LoC listings)had already been in service for some time. The box carried on in service after WW1 and was certainly still being manufactured in 1941.

Vickers ammo boxes for ground use have always been a scarce item. We have been able to locate a few of these boxes and reimported the UK, they have seen use and the photo shows a typical example, we have not spotted any dates as we would need to remove the paint to see if there are any stampings and do not wish to do that, so you might get lucky and find you have a WW1 dated example! The leather fastening tab/s need replacing in most cases but this is fairly simple job

Photo shows typical average example that will be sent.



This item is currently out of stock.

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