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Hose Connector Mk2 BD2674

Hose Connector Mk2 BD2674

Hose Connector Mk2 BD2674

Museum Quality Steam Hose connector for the WW2 period Vickers Machine Gun (fluted or plain jacket). Simply add 6 feet of hose. If your gun is missing the screw thread adaptor which enables this to be fitted on, please see the adapter boss BD0005 under Vickers spares or check in related items below.

These connectors have not been proved for Live Firing and are sold as display items only

These repro connectors are about half the price of a real one and look the same!

Part Number BD2674.

Please note that we have found (despite all logic) variations in the diameters of the boss that the connector fixes to, this means, coupled with manufacturing variances, that it may be necessary to do a little filing inside the connector in order to get a suitable fit.



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